Westwind Prep Academy Team Player Evaluations

by Arizona Preps | Posted on Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Westwind Prep Academy has seen their share of struggles recently with the recent academic ruling by the NCAA, but things are now looking up for the program’s future.  With the introduction of a new Director of Basketball Operations, Jai Steadman, a former professional basketball coach that is currently coaching the program’s post-graduate teams, and Nick Weaver as the school’s head coach for the high school program, Westwind has made some significant changes to their program.

There are also some other big advancements to the school’s program that we will talk about in the near future.

This season, in an attempt to move forward and to continue growing the basketball program and successful tradition they have built on the basketball court, the program eliminated their national high school program, and focused on their post-graduate program and high school program.  As a result, the school lured some more top-rated basketball talent to the program.

The high school basketball program, which will compete in the state’s 2A Division this season, is also filled with many talented prospects.  The coaching staff at Westwind Prep is also working very hard to raise the college recruitment of their student-athletes.

Here are player evaluations and recruiting updates of each of the top prospects in the school’s post-graduate program . . .

Westwind Prep Academy Team Player Evaluations

Lyrik Shreiner – A very athletic wing that can handle the basketball and is a great defender.  He is a solid mid-major talent that shows flashes of high major ability.  He attacks the basket and finishes above the rim.  He is a great team guy and a true leader. He is an NCAA qualifier and any Division-I program that lands him will have a hard worker that will improve their team on both ends of the floor.

Nyaires Redding – The son of a D-I coach and is a very athletic and strong wing.  He is an outstanding ball handler and controls the tempo of the game.  He averages 5.7 assists to every 1 turnover he makes.  He is a mid-major player that has a high ceiling.  He is a lock-down defender.  The negative aspects of his game include his court vision; he tends to make the hard pass instead of the easy one.  He is an NCAA qualifier and carries a 4.0 GPA.

Antwan Bevans - He is a very powerful player and will give you a double-double every night.  He never takes a play off and has a great post game.  He averages 18 points per game along with 10.4 rebounds per game.  He is a low-major to mid-major type of player.  He has a knack for the ball and has great size for the 4 spot at a mid-major school.  He needs to work on his conditioning and footwork.  He is an NCAA Qualifier.  (A steal for a low major)

Shaquillo Fritz – He is the #1 rated forward from the Carribean.  He is very athletic and explosive.  He has a 40’ vertical along with a 7-foot wingspan. He is a great shot blocker and finishes above the rim.  He has a huge up side.  He is still very raw and needs a lot of work, but is improving every week.  He could play at a low-major to a mid-major.  He has a high ceiling.

Joao Felix – He is very explosive and a great scorer.  He has an arsenal of moves, and has great size as an off-guard.  He can also play PG and is a capable ball-handler.  He averaged 19.5 points per game.  He is a very hard worker and a great student.  He is a low to mid-major player.  We are in the process of getting him cleared with the NCAA.

Charles Alexander – A deadly shooter and scorer.  He is a hard worker and a great kid.  He shoots 52% from the 3-point line.  Is a capable ball handler and a great on ball defender.  He is not a qualifier and will have to go Juco or NAIA.

Jawaun Lanouette – He is a great team player and the best on ball defender we have.  He can change the outcome of the game with his defensive pressure.  He plays very hard, but offensively needs alot of work.  He leads the team with 3.1 steals per game. He will be a great JUCO or NAIA player.  He is not a NCAA qualifier yet.  He still has 2 years left.

Zakie Johnson – He is one of the fastest players you will ever see.  He can make plays with the basketball that only pro’s can make.  He is a great assist man and a great defender.  A knock on him is his size and he does not shoot the ball that well.  He is very small but has the heart of a lion.  He will be a great JUCO player or NAIA player.

Rudy Jauregul – Rudy can really shoot the basketball.  He averages 3.3 makes from behind the arch per game.  He is a decent ball-handler, but needs to improve his speed and agility.  He does not always play hard all the time.  He gets along with all his teammates.  He will be a steal for a D-2 or NAIA in the future.  He still has 2 years left.

Josh Atmore – He is the definition of a team guy.  He does what the coach asks of him.  He is a spark off the bench and averages 7 points per game and pulls down 4.5 rebounds per game.  He needs to improve his ball handling and offensive ability.  He will be a solid JUCO or D-III player.

Mert Oztrik – He is very raw and needs to learn how to play with his back to the basket.  He also is very slow and needs to work on speed and agility.  He works very hard but is very young.  He is a great student and a great kid.

David Stewart – He is a solid rebounder who plays very hard all the time.  He is a team guy and a great kid off the court.  He is an enforcer on the defensive end of the floor.  Negatives are his size, foot-speed and lack of offense. He is a D-III type of player.

Westwind Varsity Boy’s Basketball Roster 2013-14

#        Lyrik Shreiner      SR     6’5     185lbs          Phoenix, Arizona 

#        Shaquillo Fritz      JR     6’8     179lbs          Nassu , Bahamas

#        Antwan Bevans    JR     6’6     220lbs         Nassu, Bahamas 

#        Jawaun Lanouette SO     6’2     178lbs          Phoenix, AZ

#        Joao Felix             SR     6’4     188lbs          Rio De Janeiro, Brazil   

#        Nyaries Redding   JR     6’3     180lbs          Cleveland, Ohio   

#        Charles Alexander SR   6’1     175lbs          Oakland, CA                 

#        Rudy Jauregul     JR     6’0     163lbs          Phoenix, AZ         

#        Zakie Johnson      SR     5’9     160lbs          Chicago, Illinois   

#        David Stewart      SR     6’3     208lbs          Los Angeles, CA  

#        Josh Atmore         SR     6’3     180lbs          Orlando, Florida

#        Josh Cambell        SR     6’3     182lbs          Houston, Texas

#        Dee Ruffin            SR     6’5     169lbs          Denver, Colorado

#        Mert Oztrik           FR     6’5     245lbs          Istanbul, Turkey 


Head Coach Nick Weaver                          

Assistant Coach Michael Ruffin               

A.D. Matt Allen                                            Superintendent Debra Slagle                      www.westwindacademy.org

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