2021 Player Profile: Catalina Foothills’ Will Menaugh

by Ben Hansen | Posted on Saturday, January 4th, 2020

One of the biggest reasons – literally – that Tucson’s Catalina Foothills HS is ranked No. 1 in the state’s 4A classification this season is the play of class of 2021 junior center Will Menaugh. Menaugh is a 6-foot-10, 240-pound true post center, who only started playing basketball seriously when he got to high school two and a half years ago. Prior to that, he had been a swimmer and played baseball.

“Because he is so new to basketball and nobody ever pushed him to play, just because he was so tall, nobody knows what his ceiling is,” said Doug D’Amore, Head Coach at Foothills. “His parents were great: they just let him enjoy the game and have fun. He is also really smart and young for his class. He will graduate at 17.”

Foothills has been so good this season that Menaugh generally only plays a handful of minutes, before the game turns in to a blowout and D’Amore wisely avoids taking unnecessary risks with his best players, and pulls them out for the remainder of the game.

“Other than Salpointe, most of our games are easy wins, so Will has only played a quarter and a half or two in 12 of our first 23 games,” D’Amore said. “I’m not gonna take a chance of getting anybody hurt in a game like that, but Will has been good for us even in his (limited) minutes. He’s averaging, I believe, 13 points and 8 rebounds per game.”

Obviously, if one were to extrapolate those numbers out over normal starters’ minutes, they would be pretty impressive, and likely be something like 23 and 14 per game.

Menaugh doesn’t play AAU/club ball during the spring and summer, but he does play with his school team, which plays in some of the live events, which allows college coaches to see them play in-person. Despite the minimal exposure, Menaugh has still had about (25) college programs contact D’Amore about him, and he holds offers from schools such as NAU, Wyoming, Boise State, Idaho State and UC-San Diego.

One of the nation’s best college basketball programs, Arizona, is just 10 minutes down the hill from Foothills, but Sean Miller and the Wildcats have basically shown no interest in Will Menaugh, despite the fact that he is a 6-10, 240 big man with a potentially-high upside and an unlimited ceiling.

“No, Will is not good enough for U of A,” D’Amore concedes. “He may be a dominant big one day, but I doubt they have the patience for that. Plus, Sean (Miller) has gone away from the four-year player, which is probably what’s hurting him.”


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