ACCAC JUCO Jamboree October 2nd

by Anthony Ray | Posted on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

The annual ACCAC Junior College Jamboree is set for Saturday, October 2nd from 9AM - 9PM. All (11) teams from the ACCAC Conference and College of Southern Nevada will be participating on the day. Each team will play (2) total games at the event. All games at the event will be held at Chandler-Gilbert Community College (Pecos Campus).

There will be a $10 cover charge and roster packets ($50) will be provided at the door. Please reach out to Head Coach Steve Silsby at Chandler-Gilbert Community College for any additional information on cover charges or roster packets. We hope to see you there and feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our players or program.

ACCAC Jamboree Info:Chandler-Gilbert Community College (Pecos Campus)
2626 E Pecos Rd, Chandler, AZ 85225

Chandler-Gilbert Community College Head Coach


Chandler-Gilbert Community College 9AM - 9PM 

*1st Team Listed is Home (Light), 2nd Team Listed is Away (Dark)* 

9:00am: Arizona Western vs Eastern Arizona 

10:00am: Chandler-Gilbert vs Eastern Arizona 

11:00am: Phoenix vs Arizona Western 

12:00pm: Pima vs Phoenix 

1:00pm: Cochise vs Pima 

2:00pm: Central Arizona vs Glendale 

3:00pm: Glendale vs Cochise 

4:00pm: Southern Nevada vs Central Arizona 

5:00pm: Scottsdale vs South Mountain 

6:00pm: Mesa vs Southern Nevada 

7:00pm: South Mountain vs Mesa 

8:00pm: Chandler-Gilbert vs Scottsdale 

2021 Rules 

• No pressing, trapping or zones without mutual consent of both coaches 

• Games will be 2 halves of 23 minutes each. The clock will run continuously until the last minute of each half • Two 30 second time-outs per game per team 

• Half time will be two minutes – warm ups will a minimum of five minutes 

• Common fouls will be taken out of bounds 

• On shooting fouls, offense will be awarded ONE ATTEMPT for points and both teams would treat it as a live ball.  Eg. On a missed two point attempt the offense will receive ONE ATTEMPT for two points - On a missed three point  attempt the offense will receive ONE ATTEMPT for three points - if the basket was made they would receive ONE  ATTEMPT for one point - On a Bonus foul/penalty the offense will receive ONE ATTEMPT for two points. 

• Last minute of the game, all fouls will result in free throws. Common fouls will result in a 1-1 and shooting fouls will result in 2 shots. If the margin is over 10 points, the game will finish without free throws 


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