Arizona Preps Fall Showcase Top Performers – Part II

by Anthony Ray | Posted on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

The 19th annual Arizona Preps Fall Showcase took place recently on the campus of AZ Compass Prep and was filled with many talented prospects for this year's event - of all ages (high school and middle school).  The event was loaded with up-and-coming basketball talent for the state, and there were many top performers on the day.

Here are the top overall performers that I witnessed from this year's recent event, from the 2021, 2022 & 2023 classes (In no particular order) . . .

Top Fall Showcase Performers - 2021 Class

Ricardo Sarmiento  5-10  FR  PG  Cesar Chavez HS

Sarmiento has played very well each time I have seen him play over the past 6 months.  A big time young prospect that has a very advanced understanding and feel for the game very early in his career.  Has been around the game all of his life, which has helped him develop a great deal.  A very good shooter of the basketball with range on his shot and a quick release.  He looks to find the open man on the floor at all times, and is an excellent floor general that makes players around him better.  A leader.  Competes hard and plays fast.  Pushes the basketball up the floor.  Has a very bright future ahead of him.

Raishun Wilson  5-10  FR  PG  Vista Grande HS

Will compete as the state's top incoming freshman this high school season.  Each time I have seen this young man perform, I have walked away very impressed.  A tough and well-built physical guard prospect with a nice motor and work ethic. Accepts challenges on every play and guards the opposing team's best player - enjoys it. Has an excellent physical frame for his size. An excellent defender that is capable of being a lock-down defender. A good shooter that has some range, but will need to add more range over time to stay effective.  A good creator off the dribble and an excellent finisher at the rim.  An excellent athlete that has high-major athleticism and leaping ability.  A strong rebounder for his size.  Has a bright future ahead as a result of his overall toughness and athleticism as a player.

Kevin Kobara  6-3  FR  SG  Peoria HS

A skilled and athletic guard prospect with a good shooting stroke with range on his shot.  A capable combo-guard prospect that competes on both ends of the floor, and plays with good overall intensity.  A good ball handler.  A solid passer.  A good on-the-ball defender that also plays passing lanes.  Has a good future ahead of him.

Damaryea Gadson  5-4  FR  PG  Desert Vista HS

Gadson is a very skilled point guard prospect with an excellent handle of the basketball and an ability to make plays off the dribble almost at will  is very difficult to defend one-on-one.  He can get by his defender and create in the lane effectively at a high rate, and is a very good scorer of the basketball as well.  A very good finisher in the lane.  A good shooter with range on his shot, but at his best off the dribble creating for himself and others.  A very good passer that pushes the ball and sees the floor.  An excellent defender with very quick hands and feet.  Has a very bright future that will not be determined by his size.

Top Fall Showcase Performers - 2022 Class

Deotis Nunn  5-6  8th Grader  PG  Vista Del Sur Middle School

Nunn is a superb middle-school prospect with a strong, advanced offensive skillset that allows him to score the basketball almost at will - either while catching and shooting the basketball or creating for himself off the dribble.  He scores at a high rate and is an effective scorer against bigger guards.  Plays much bigger offensively than his smaller size suggests.  A very crafty ball handler and passer with a high basketball IQ.  Has poor shot selection at times, and can play selfishly, as a result of his pure knack for scoring the basketball, so he will need to learn to make players around him better.  If he can do so, then he will become a serious college prospect over time.

Bryson McLemore  6-1  8th Grader  SG/SF  Vista Del Sur Middle School

A long, rangy wing prospect with long arms and a lengthy body.  Has excellent upside.  A good shooter with some range on his shot, but is at his best from mid-range and off the dribble.  A good finisher.  An active rebounder.  A good passer.  A capable ball handler.  A good shotblocker.  Should grow a great deal over time.  Has the potential to become something special over his young career.

Jordan Galan  6-7  8th Grader  PF/C  Loma Linda Middle School

A very tall post player for his age that possesses short arms for his size.  Not overly athletic but has a good overall skill level.  Runs the floor well and is a solid finisher.  An active rebounder.  A capable shotblocker.  Has good potential over time with upside.

Elijah Cunningham  5-0  8th grader  Kyrene Middle School

A point guard prospect that is a duo sports star.  A quick ball handler and passer with quick hands and feet.  An excellent defender.  An excellent ball handler and passer.  A very good finisher.

Michael Keelen  5-5  8th Grader  PG  Horizon Honors HS

A skilled guard prospect with a very good handle of the basketball.  Pushes the ball up the floor.  A good passer that sees the floor.  A good penetrator and a solid finisher in the lane.  A solid defender.

Christian Escobar  5-6  8th Grader  PG/SG  Desert Spirit Middle School

A skilled combo-guard prospect with a good overall feel for the game.  A good finisher in the lane.  A good passer that sees the floor.  Has good overall toughness.  A good defender.

Chris Bullock  5-10  8th Grader  SF/PF  Centennial Middle School

Bullock is a skilled combo-forward prospect with a good overall feel for the game.  He is a good shooter with range on his shot, but is currently at his best from mid-range, and off the dribble where he is a playmaker for himself and others.  A good offensive rebounder.  A solid defender that needs to focus more defensively.  Needs to get quicker and more explosive over time to reach his potential as a player.

Moses Miller  6-4  8th Grader  PF  Home School

A post player with a solid overall skill level.  A solid low post scorer.  Has good size early and should continue to grow a great deal.  Not overly athletic, so will need to improve his explosiveness over time.  A solid rebounder.  Has good potential.

Maxsamus Armstrong  5-9  8th Grader  SF  Apprende Middle School

A long, rangy prospect with tremendous upside for the future and excellent potential as a player.  Just starting to grow into his body.  Has a solid skill level at this point, but should develop nicely over time.  A solid rebounder.  Good defender.

Tyler Bales  5-5  8th Grader  SG  Greenfield Middle School

A guard prospect with an excellent shooting stroke and a quick release, with unlimited range on his shot.  Has a very good overall skill level, and can score with either hand.  A good ball handler and passer.  Will attend Gilbert HS.

Top Fall Showcase Performers - 2023 Class

Zevin Gadson  5-2  7th Grader  PG  Centennial Middle School

Gadson is an electric young point guard prospect with excellent quickness and explosiveness off the dribble.  He has a very quick first step, which allows him to blow past defenders almost at will.  A skilled guard prospect with a nice overall feel for the game and a knack for scoring the basketball.  An excellent defender with very quick hands and feet.  Will grow into an elite guard prospect over time.  A native of Ohio.

Isaiah Barnes  4-10  7th Grader  Home School

While being small in size, Barnes is an excellent shooter of the basketball with range.  He has a pure shooting stroke and can get his shot off.  Fundamentally sound.  A good ball handler and passer.  Has a high basketball IQ.  A good finisher for his size.

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