Arizona Preps Q&A: Alonzo Dodd

by Chris Monter | Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2021

NBA scout and draft expert for many years, Chris Monter (Monter Draft News) has joined the Arizona Preps' staff, and recently hit the road on behalf of Arizona Preps to cover some of Arizona's top prospects. In the process, Monter covered and featured the Arizona travel programs in participation - interviewing their top prospects and evaluating their play during the competition.

Alonzo Dodd, a 6-foot-1 senior guard from South St. Paul (MN) High, is one of the top backcourt performers in the Midwest. Dodd averaged 20.8 points per game last season as the Packers finished 19-2, losing to Richfield 93-90 in the section finals, despite a season-high 39 points. He scored in double figures in 19 of 20 games and had twelve games of 20 or more points. 

Arizona Preps caught up with Dodd at the recent Pacesetter Sweet 16 Championship to learn the latest on his commitment and upcoming senior season. 

Arizona Preps: You have high expectations after an outstanding season last year. You have seven of your top players back from last year and the top three scorers, including yourself. What are the expectations for South St. Paul this upcoming season? 

Alonzo Dodd: Expectation is to go to state. Win state. We’ve got a good team. We are just going to put the work in and get to where we are supposed to be.   

Arizona Preps: You were 19-2, but came up a little bit short in the section finals. Is that a motivating factor for you guys to get back after getting so close to going to the state tournament?  

Alonzo Dodd: Most definitely, especially since we are seniors. We wanted it for the seniors last year and I think that put a lot of anger in us for not doing it. We are looking for a comeback season next year to take that state title and go to state and win section finals and do all them things that we were trying to do last year.

Arizona Preps: To be honest, South St. Paul is known as a hockey school and a football school, but before your head coach took over, the Packers had won just (28) games in ten years and eight conference wins. How pleased are you that you are a part of the turnaround for the program? 

Alonzo Dodd: It feels good. It feels very good, especially having kids look up to you. Seeing the turnaround we had this year and last year with how the South St. Paul Packers are noticed on the map. It feels good. It’s a good feeling. 

Arizona Preps: Do you even hear from people in the community or teachers?     

Alonzo Dodd: Yes, the teachers show us mad love. Teachers. Community. Everybody from South St. Paul loves us. They love what we’ve done. We’ve had players from 1950 that went to the state championship come back and watch us play, so that shows how much we impacted the game at South St. Paul. 

Arizona Preps: To be honest, when the team wasn’t doing that well, fans weren’t coming out. Now, you probably have fans that hadn’t been to games for awhile, right? 

Alonzo Dodd: Yes. Last year, we had games and we had tickets on the website and the tickets sold out in five minutes. I didn’t even get tickets for my family, so this year, I think we’ll have a pretty packed gym.  

Arizona Preps: You had a great summer playing AAU ball. How pleased are you with how things went this summer? 

Alonzo Dodd: I did all right. I always think I can improve, but for the most part, I did all right. Looking at schools, noticing me and stuff like that, that’s a good thing, but I had more expected of myself this summer.   

Arizona Preps: Was it nice to have coaches out there since coaches until June, couldn’t watch you? You had a great junior year, where it would have been nice to have more coaches watch you.   

Alonzo Dodd: It felt great to have coaches there. To show your talents, that’s always a blessing to try to go Division I, Division II, anything. Take it to the next level. Take college basketball to the next level. Take high school basketball to the next level and play college, that’s a good thing. 

Arizona Preps: I think you have offers from Milwaukee and Denver. What other schools are you hearing from besides those? 

Alonzo Dodd: I have other offers from TCU, Morgan State and Western Illinois, but other schools that are looking at me are UIC, NDSU, SDSU. There are a lot of schools, I just can’t think of them all.   

Arizona Preps: Have you thought about trying to make some visits to see some schools?  

Alonzo Dodd: To be honest, UW Milwaukee and Denver in my top two right now, so those are the schools that I’m looking at. I’m hopefully visiting UW Milwaukee in the middle of September.   

Arizona Preps: What is it going to mean to play Division I basketball? 

Alonzo Dodd: It means everything. My brothers all tried to it. It didn’t work out for them, unfortunately. Family tried to do it and I guess I’m the one that’s going to do it or hopefully, but it is going to mean a lot to know where I’m from and to know the opportunity that I have and I took it. 


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