Arizona Preps Q&A: Julian Roberts

by Chris Monter | Posted on Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

NBA scout and draft expert for many years, Chris Monter (Monter Draft News) has joined the Arizona Preps' staff, and traveled to Nebraska on behalf of Arizona Preps to cover the Adidas 3SSB event. Monter covered the event, and also featured the Arizona travel programs in participation - interviewing their top prospects and evaluating their play during the competition.

Julian Roberts, a 6-foot-9 junior big man who now attends Bella Vista Prep (via Glenview College Prep), had a strong past weekend with his Firestorm Gold 16-and-under team. Roberts helped lead the team to the Final Four, beating teams from Tennessee, Texas and Indiana before losing to Philadelphia based K-Low Elite (NBA player Kyle Lowery’s AAU team) 70-60 in the Adidas 3SSB 16-and-under Championships.  Roberts is a lefty with a good outside shot, despite his size. He needs to continue to get stronger, but shows the skills and work ethic to attract Division-I interest.  Arizona Preps caught up with Roberts late Saturday night to learn more about his recruitment, AAU season and upcoming junior year. 

Arizona Preps: You guys have played extremely well this weekend in Council Bluffs. How pleased are with how well you have played this spring and summer? 

Julian Roberts: Really happy. We are all really good, so that is really good, but we all pass the ball and move the ball, and play really hard defense.   

Arizona Preps: What things are you really trying to work on to continue to improve yourself as a player? 

Julian Roberts: I am used to play outside a lot and really shooting the ball, so I’ve been really working on playing down low and getting stronger. I think in the game, I had most of my points from hooks, so I have been really working on that.   

Arizona Preps: To be honest, they don’t want the referees to blow the whistle too much, so it is pretty physical. Is that something that you are getting used to and knowing that college ball is pretty physical, too? 

Julian Roberts: Yes and in Arizona, it is not. It’s not even close. It’s way more physical. I’m getting hit in the face and I’m not getting nothing.    

Arizona Preps: Are you learning to adapt and know that you probably aren’t getting the call that you probably would like? 

Julian Roberts: Yes. I am working on going up stronger and not trying to get a call. 

Arizona Preps: You are going into your junior year. Are you starting to hear from some schools? 

Julian Roberts: My coach told me that San Francisco was coming to the game to watch me yesterday, but that’s about it so far.     

Arizona Preps: With coaches not being able to see you in person, until the last month or so, I’m assuming that is going to change. What would it mean to have the opportunity to play Division I basketball? 

Julian Roberts: That’s all I do is play basketball, so that is all I want to do. I don’t see myself doing anything else.

Arizona Preps: Do you come from an athletic family? 

Julian Roberts: My dad played football and stuff, but other than that, not really.      

Arizona Preps: What are the expectations for your high school team this upcoming season? 

Julian Roberts: Hoping to get a ring, of course. 

Arizona Preps: How far did you go last year?  

Julian Roberts: Last year, we lost in the first round. 

Arizona Preps: Is that a bit of a motivating factor to get even farther this year?  

Julian Roberts: Yes. Hopefully, because I want a ring. 


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