Arizona Preps Q&A: Leo Torbor Verbals To San Jose State

by Chris Monter | Posted on Friday, October 29th, 2021

NBA scout and draft expert for many years, Chris Monter (Monter Draft News) has joined the Arizona Preps' staff, and recently hit the road on behalf of Arizona Preps to cover some of Arizona's top prospects. In the process, Monter covered and featured the Arizona travel programs in participation - interviewing their top prospects and evaluating their play during the competition.

Leo Torbor, a 6-foot-4 guard from Brooklyn Park (MN) Park Center, committed to San Jose State Sunday, picking the Spartans over North Dakota State. Arizona Preps caught up with Torbor Sunday to learn more on his college choice and his upcoming senior season.   

Torbor averaged 7.0 points per game last season. He scored in double figures in five of 21 games as the Pirates finished 16-5, losing to then-undefeated Champlin Park 69-63 for the third time in overtime in the section finals. Torbor scored a season-high 16 points in an 81-78 loss to Champlin Park in the regular season. The Pirates welcome back Minnesota commit Braeden, Carrington, Ayouba Berthe (8.0 points per game), James Spencer and J.J. Ware. They also add Cody Benabaker, who averaged 22.8 points per game for St. Francis last year. 

Arizona Preps: You committed today. What was the reason you decided that now was when you wanted to make your college choice?   

Leo Torbor: I already had told the school that I was committing a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to get some things done. I wanted to make sure that my mom was there and we had a little get-together at my house, so everyone could come. Just to see her face and know that her baby was going to college for free. The first person to go to college for free in our family, so it was a big moment for us. 

Arizona Preps: What did you like about San Jose State? 

Leo Torbor: I really liked the city. It was my first time I had been to “Cali,” so it was really nice. Seeing the city. Seeing how big it was. Playing and meeting the players. I felt like I was one of them. Players that were more diverse. They made me feel like I was part of them. I was one of them, instead of just some random dude. I really felt like I connected with the players a lot. 

Arizona Preps: You visited San Jose State September 24-26. What all did you get a chance to see and do? 

Leo Torbor: I got to go around the city. I got to go to some taco stops. Eat out, play with the guys. A little bit of everything.   

Arizona Preps: Do you feel a bit of a weight off your shoulders know that you’ve made your college decision? 

Leo Torbor: Yeah. It’s been a stressful recruiting process. The first time I’ve ever been through this, so it is really stressful, but after tonight, I am going to be able to go to sleep and know that I finally got it off my shoulders and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I can focus on this season and we plan on making a state championship this year.    

Arizona Preps: Is that one of the reasons that you wanted to do it early before the season started, so you could just focus on having a great year? 

Leo Torbor: I wanted to get it over with. Not necessarily, get it over with it, but those two schools who loved me, San Jose State and North Dakota State, showed that they loved me, so I just wanted to pick between those two and then focus on the season. I want to win a state championship. I don’t want any outside factors like coaches coming in. I want to win that state championship and have that one goal on my mind, instead of worrying about recruiting.   

Arizona Preps: You played well today in the Breakdown Fall League. You have some new guys and a lot of returners as well. What is it going to take for you to get to that state tournament? 

Leo Torbor: I feel like for us to lock in on defense more. We are all athletic and we can all be good players, but when we start clicking like we did last week when we beat Eastview by 50 points, because we clicked. We actually played as a team and we played together. I feel that us locking in on defense and seeing the bigger picture and doing everything the way we are supposed to do, that is really going to help us win the state championship. 


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