Arizona Preps Q&A: Nunu Agara

by Chris Monter | Posted on Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

NBA scout and draft expert for many years, Chris Monter (Monter Draft News) has joined the Arizona Preps' staff, and recently hit the road on behalf of Arizona Preps to cover some of Arizona's top prospects. In the process, Monter covered and featured the Arizona travel programs in participation - interviewing their top prospects and evaluating their play during the competition.

Sunaja “Nunu” Agara, a 6-foot-1 junior forward from Hopkins (MN) High, committed to Stanford earlier this week, after visiting the campus. She is ranked as the third best junior in Minnesota by Prep Hoops, and is the #39 player in the country in the Class of 2023, according to ESPN.  

Agara averaged 11.7 points per game this past season as a sophomore, scoring in double-figures in nine of 16 games. She had a career high of 22 points against Edina. Hopkins finished 16-1, losing to eventual state champion Chaska, 67-62 in the Class AAAA state tournament semifinals, snapping a 78-game winning streak. Agara averaged 3.6 points per game as a freshman with a season-high of 11 points versus DeLaSalle. The Royals finished 30-0, but unfortunately, COVID-19 prevented them from playing in the Class AAAA title game. The team featured Paige Bueckers, who was the Wooden Player of the year as a freshman for Connecticut this past season.   

Hopkins will be one of the top teams in the country this year, as the Royals return all five starters. Maya Nnaji (19.0 points per game), ESPN’s #9 senior in the country, will play at the University of Arizona, and fellow senior Amaya Battle, who is headed to Minnesota, averaged 12.9 points. Battle is #38 senior by ESPN. Taylor Woodson, who averaged 16.3 points per game, is the #27 junior in the country. Olivia McGill is the #11 sophomore in the country and averaged 11.9 points last season. 

Arizona Preps recently caught up with Agara to learn more about recruitment and upcoming junior season. 

Arizona Preps: You are getting ready for your junior season and play for one of the top programs in the state. How much do you think that helps you as a player, not only playing in practice with these talented players on your team, but playing in probably the toughest conference in the state? 

Nunu Agara: I think it helps really well. I think it is developing me as a player to get ready for the next level in college. My playing against and with college level kids; Division I kids, so it is really good to have me college-ready. 

Arizona Preps: Hopkins has a big reputation, not only in-state, but out-state as one of the best programs. Last year, you came across a really good Chaska team. I know that you guys are playing using that as a motivation factor to get even farther this upcoming season. Is that something you’ve talked about? 

Nunu Agara: Yeah, it is just revenge and redeeming ourselves. We didn’t play well in that game and obviously, it came out us losing, so I think just redeeming ourselves and proving that we can win. 

Arizona Preps: What things are you really working on to continue to improve yourself as a player? 

Nunu Agara: Just developing more of my guard skills. I turned into kind of a post player last year, so just to keep both of those, so I can be as versatile as I can be.

Arizona Preps: Do you think that is key because not only can you play inside, but if you are working on your outside skills. It will make you a little more difficult to guard, hopefully? 

Nunu Agara: Yes and then I can get more opportunities on the court. Coach Starks can put wherever she wants me to be. That can be effective. 

Arizona Preps: What colleges are you hearing from right now? 

Nunu Agara: I’m hearing from Stanford, Arizona, Indiana, Florida State, Florida, Minnesota, obviously. 

Arizona Preps: What schools have offered you? 

Nunu Agara: Schools from all of them, except from Stanford.  

Arizona Preps: You mentioned the homestate school and Amaya Battle is going there. What are you hearing from the Gophers? 

Nunu Agara: It is good. It’s been really good just developing that relationship, especially when it was September 1. Just being able to contact them and them being able to contact me. I am going on a visit there this Saturday.   

Arizona Preps: Coach Whalen is recruiting you. What do you know about her? She was obviously a great player at Minnesota and played in the WNBA.   

Nunu Agara: She is a really good coach. I like their offense. They move the ball well. I know that they have some really good 2022 coming in, obviously my teammate Amaya Battle. I’m just looking forward to seeing the growth of that program.    

Arizona Preps: Coach Whalen and her staff had made getting the top in-state girls a priority. Is that something that appeals to you? 

Nunu Agara: Yes, obviously, I would want to play with my teammates again in college. 

Arizona Preps: What is it going to mean to play Division-I basketball?   

Nunu Agara: It is going to be great. It’s always been a dream of mine, since I was a little kid. I’m just blessed by the man above to be able to be in this position I am. 

Arizona Preps: What will it mean to you to walk on the court as a freshman your first college game? 

Nunu Agara: It is going to be surreal. I’m probably going to be nervous, really nervous feels, but I’m going to be very happy with just being able to be there. I know a lot of kids don’t get the opportunity, so it will be very fun. 

Arizona Preps: You mentioned Arizona. Obviously, that is where Maya is going. They offered you a scholarship and were in the national championship game and the school that they were playing was Stanford, who also offered you. What is that like being recruited by not only great schools, but big-time programs out West?   

Nunu Agara: It is really good. I’ve always wanted to play somewhere that is warm. It has been a dream of mine and my family. It is really great. I’m very blessed to have the opportunity and Maya has been hounding me a lot about going to Arizona, so it’s fun.   

Arizona Preps: Has Amaya worked on you about going to Minnesota? 

Nunu Agara: No, not really.    

Arizona Preps: You spend a lot of time working on your game. What do you like to do away from the court? 

Nunu Agara: I think I like reading. I’m a little nerd, so I like reading a lot and just spending time with my family, going to the Lynx games and doing a lot of things with my family.  

Arizona Preps: What is your latest book? 

Nunu Agara: The Law of Innocence. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.   

Arizona Preps: Is that something that is going to be important to you when you pick a school? 

Nunu Agara: Just having a good pre-law program, a law school. It’s really important.   

Arizona Preps: You mentioned going to Minnesota this upcoming weekend. Do you have any other plans to go to any other colleges in the near future? 

Nunu Agara: Oh yeah. I’m planning on going to a lot of schools in October. That is probably the most perfect month visiting Stanford, Arizona, those schools.   

Arizona Preps: Do you have anything set up yet? 

Nunu Agara: I’m planning on going to Stanford October 21st, MEA weekend, so I’m able to go there. 

Arizona Preps: How about Arizona? Nunu Agara: I haven’t planned that out yet, but probably around that time, because it is kind of close.  


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