Arizona Preps Q&A: Trey Phillips

by Chris Monter | Posted on Thursday, July 15th, 2021

NBA scout and draft expert for many years, Chris Monter (Monter Draft News) has joined the Arizona Preps' staff, and recently hit the road on behalf of Arizona Preps to cover some of Arizona's top prospects. In the process, Monter covered and featured the Arizona travel programs in participation - interviewing their top prospects and evaluating their play during the competition.

Trey Phillips, a 6-foot-7 junior forward, shined as a member of the Team Harden 17-and-under AAU program this spring and summer.  Arizona Preps caught up with Phillips late Saturday night after a loss to Team Loaded (VA) to learn more about his recruitment and upcoming season. 

Arizona Preps: What things are you really focused on to try to continue to improve yourself as a player this year? 

Trey Phillips: I’m really trying to lock into my ball-handling and making my shooting more consistent, because during this past high school season I shot the ball well, but once AAU started, it was more inconsistent and streaky, so I have been trying to really lock into a consistent three-point shot and then ball-handling. Getting it a little tighter, because once you get to these higher levels, it is a lot of little guards try to come by and sweep, so just get my ball-handling is tighter, too.      

Arizona Preps: The referees here are told not to call too many fouls, so you have to get used the physical play. Is that something you like or something that you had to get used to? 

Trey Phillips: It was after not playing basketball for a couple of months after the season ended. It took readjustment, but you get used to it a little bit pretty fast, so it just takes a couple of games to break it in and after that, I don’t really mind it, because that is what it is going to be like at the next level.   

Arizona Preps: You play with a talented AAU team and playing against great competition. How much do you think that helps you improve as a player?

Trey Phillips: I think it helps a lot. Playing with good people is the only way that you are going to get better and playing against good people is the only way you are going to get better, so it is really only beneficial, in my opinion. 

Arizona Preps: To be honest, this team that you played has (7) Power 5 kids.   

Trey Phillips: They are supposed to be one of the top (3) teams in the country. After that, I believe it. Still, everyone is beatable. We could have played a better game. 

Arizona Preps: What colleges are you hearing from right now? 

Trey Phillips: I have offers from Princeton and NYU and me and my coach have been talking to Fresno State, Boise State, Wyoming, LMU, Houston and a few other schools. 

Arizona Preps: What would it mean to play Division I basketball? 

Trey Phillips: It would be a dream come true. It is something that I’ve been wanting since I picked up a basketball in like second grade. It will be good, but it will just be the next step in the journey and you just have to keep going up from there. 

Arizona Preps: What are the expectations for your high school team this year? Will you be back at Eduprize or Brophy?

Trey Phillips: I don’t know yet. I’m undecided, but wherever I go I just want to be able to be only beneficial to my team, doing whatever the role they need me to do. If that’s rebounding, scoring, play defense. Anything they need me to do. Be able to fit into a system, because that is what college is about, too, is fitting into the right system. So, be a system player, but always be somebody that is a threat and I can do all the things that a team needs to be worried about and watch film about. 


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