Arizona Preps Sneaker Locker

by George Courtney | Posted on Saturday, September 11th, 2021

Not many people know that Arizona Preps operates under the Arizona Magic Youth Outreach Foundation. The Arizona Magic Youth Outreach Foundation is a 501(c3) non-profit organization whose ultimate goal is to give all kids a shot at being successful in life. 

I am a former high school coach in the Central Arizona area, and every year I coached at a high school I have always run into kids who did not have the resources to afford a pair of sneakers to play in. In those years of coaching, I have purchased sneakers with my own money. 

I have always thought of doing a community drive to help kids in need have a pair of sneakers, however I never had the man-power or network to do it at that time. Upon joining the staff at Arizona Preps and the Arizona Magic, I decided this could be a possibility in the future.

About a week ago, a coaching colleague of mine posted a status on his social media page asking for anyone with a pair of sneakers for one of his kids. I immediately responded by offering some that I had in my own closet (brand-new-in the box). Unfortunately, it was not the size he needed. I ended up going to my Twitter network to ask if anyone had a pair. In a matter of minutes, I had several coaches contact me with sneakers, as well as monetary donations.

I am moved and thankful by members of our basketball community who really pitched in to help this kid in need. Coach Kyle Weaver of Dream City Christian donated (60) pairs of brand new sneakers for the cause. Coach Ben Isai of Valley Vista High School donated a pair and Club Coaches Brando Hernandez and John Millyard contributed monetary donations.

After reflecting on what has happened, I decided to create the Arizona Preps Sneaker Locker. The Arizona Magic Youth Outreach will be conducting sneaker drives twice a year to collect gently used and new basketball shoes. We are building an inventory where youth and high school coaches can contact us for a student-athlete in need. I want to thank the community for the continued support. For our next drive, please check out our social media outlets for upcoming announcements. 


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