Coaches Spotlight: Savannah Bix – Poston Butte Lady Broncos

by George Courtney | Posted on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Arizona Preps is continuing our Coaches Spotlight Series by putting a spotlight on Arizona’s best high school coaches. I was able to catch up with Poston Butte’s Head Lady Hoops Coach Savannah Bix. Coach Bix has done a phenomenal job in changing the culture and building a competitive program with her Lady Broncos. Here is our Q&A from our conversation. 

Q: How long  have you been coaching? Which schools or programs?

A: This is my 3rd year as the head coach at Poston Butte. Prior to that, I served as the JV Coach for one year at Desert Mountain, and I’ve coached club basketball and various recreational leagues, since I was in high school. So all in all, I began about (10) years ago. 

Q: Why do you coach?

A: I coach, because I love the game of basketball and I love kids. I’m a huge believer in all the life lessons that sports can teach, and all the intangibles that can be learned from being an athlete. I had some really, really good coaches growing up, in high school and in college that helped shape who I am, so I’m hoping to do the same for the kids I coach. 

Q: What are your expectations for this season?

A: My expectations for this season are to just grow and become better as a program and as a coach. We are extremely young - (2) juniors, (9) sophomores and (2) freshmen, so we are just trying to battle and compete with anyone we suit up against, and continuously learn and get better. We hope to be playing our best basketball come March, and to get a playoff bid. 

Q: Who are your key players to watch this season?

A: Our key players are Adriana Bachman, Sierra Badger and Kilah Fowler—our only returning varsity players from last year's team. Adriana is an absolute dog. She works extremely hard and does a little bit of everything for us. Sierra and Kilah are both natural scorers. They both have range, and are learning how lethal they can be offensively. We also get a lot of production, specifically rebounding, from Julia Harris and Helaina Bachman

Q: What were the keys into keeping your program competitive year in and year out?

A: I would say the key is our culture. We have a very tight-knit group, year after year, that love to play for each other. We really embody the family aspect within our program, which, in my opinion, is where a lot of our success can be attributed to. The girls love being around each other and they buy into the process. We as coaches have established an expectation and standard of toughness and hard work, but also loving and trusting the person next to you. 

Q: What challenges did you face leading into this season due to the pandemic?

A: We faced the same challenges everyone else did. Our numbers were a little bit lower, playing with masks certainly isn’t ideal, and the constant roller coaster, since last March, has been difficult, but we are happy to play in masks or in a hazmat suit, or tutus or whatever else! I think not playing summer basketball really hurt us, since we are so young and inexperienced, but the kids have stayed hungry and have used every opportunity they were given to get better. We are just grateful to be able to play. Everyday we get to put our uniforms on is a blessing. 

I have been living in San Tan Valley where there are multiple high schools, such as Poston Butte, San Tan Foothills, and Combs High School, since 2012. Most schools in the area have trouble building consistency in their basketball programs. Coach Bix has done a phenomenal job in creating a special culture with the Poston Butte Lady Broncos program. She has created a positive impact on the community, where everyone refers to Poston as one of the top girls programs in the area. We look forward as Coach Bix and her Lady Broncos continue their run at a 4A Playoff Berth.


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