DaRon Holmes Breaks Out in Vegas in Team Win

by Justin Vargas | Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2018

There are two things that stick out to you when you see Head Coach Vaughn Compton's Powerhouse 15U Elite team in the gym.  They are long! And they are loaded!  This weekend they are playing in the 16U division in the Bigfoot Easter Classic in Las Vegas.  In their first match-up they were just head and shoulders above the team, figuratively and literally.  They trot out 4 players that are 6-foot-8 and up and are all very talented prospects.

One of those guys is 6-foot-8 2021 forward from Millennium High, DaRon Holmes.  Holmes is really starting to come into his own as an elite level player.  Aside from his height and length, he is really developing on the perimeter and has added a steady 3-point shot to his arsenal.  How good Holmes can be is almost scary.  He is starting to effectively put the ball on the deck and penetrate and with how high he releases a shot, it is becoming almost un-blockable.  On the other end, he is a great defender that seems to buy in defensively and can block shots at a high rate.  He had the best game in an absolute 59-22 bone-crushing performance against Raw Impact in which the team as a whole came out striking.

The other highly-touted big man is one of the best 8th graders in the country, 6-foot-10 2022 forward Dylan Anderson.  Anderson is as good as advertised. Playing up two age groups, he still looks the part of an elite-level prospect.  His size and skill have him pegged as being something special moving forward.

Their other two big men that make this team look so dominant are 6-foot-9 2021 Forward Carter Van Hammond from Perry and 6-foot-10 lanky Sudanese Native, Matur Dahl.  They do not lose much at all no matter what the rotation is amongst the trees.

This was the first time their 6-foot-4 2021 guard/wing Jovan Ruffin (Newman High) was able to join the team.  A native of Arizona, his father Michael is on the New Orleans Hornets staff, so Jovan flies in to meet the team for tournaments while school is still in, in Lousiana. Ruffin looked great in his first AAU tournament of the year, making athletic plays all over the floor and cashed in on 2 3-pointers for Powerhouse.

And just in case you were wondering, they do not drop off not one bit in the backcourt.  Millennium's 6-foot 2021 point guard Justus Jackson provides a silky smooth floor general with a net-ripping jumper and Mountain View's 6-foot 2021 guard Derek Kaps is as steady as they come with the ball in his hand and locks up on the perimeter on the defensive end.  Rancho Solano Prep 5-foot-10 2021 guard Bret Hardt Jr. is a great facilitator with a high basketball IQ and the ability to knock it down from the outside.

Arcadia's 6-foot-4 2021 guard/wing Max Majerle brings activity on both ends and can penetrate and finish in transition about as good as anyone at this level.  His high school teammate, 6-foot-4 2021 wing Owen Shaw just transferred into town from Seattle, Washington and gives this team athleticism, physicality and a great defensive presence.

No doubt about it, this team has the makings to be something very special.  They look to be a very close knit group with great coaching and a roster that checks all the boxes.  They are unquestionably one of the top 15U teams on the West Coast.


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