Field Level Recruiting and Arizona Preps Join Forces

by Anthony Ray | Posted on Thursday, July 1st, 2021

There is never been a more important time in high school basketball across the country to have help with marketing today's student-athletes to college programs across the country. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that haulted college recruiting, and also the recent NCAA changes to the national event calendar, evaluation period and certification of basketball events, it is now more difficult for aspiring college basketball prospects to gain attention from college coaches. Especially in the state of Arizona, where college recruiting has always been difficult. While the state has definitely improved with the emergence of more out-of-state, and even international prospects to the valley, it is increasingly difficult for lesser known prospects and sleeper prospects to develop in the eyes and minds of college coaches.

Local basketball aficionado Elliott Glabman helped to develop the club basketball culture in the state by forming the Arizona Heat basketball program in 1992.  The program helped raise the overall level of exposure in the state of Arizona, and as a result, Glabman is known as one of the true Godfathers of Arizona basketball.  Today, Glabman continues to make strides for the sport in the state and has a new venture that will also help to improve the overall level of recruitment in the state - Field Level Recruiting.

Today, with so many different club programs now in the state, Glabman has focused and turned his attention to helping Arizona prospects get recruited by college programs - something the state needs more of than anything else.  Glabman has started Field Level Recruiting. Field Level allows Glabman to post Arizona's top prospects on his website, and then market each prospect to college programs across the country.  Glabman now has close to 2,000 different college programs that subscribe to his website and view the prospects that he places on the website.  After posting a prospect on the site, almost immediately the prospects begin getting recruited by college programs at many different levels.

"It is amazing for Arizona players," said Glabman.  "Our state needs this more than they do club teams.  This is a great way for me to stay involved in the game and help Arizona players."

Arizona Preps has now joined Glabman in this endeavor, and will be partnering for his services to aid in the recruitment of Arizona's student-athletes. Our staff evaluates Arizona's top prospects almost daily, and works extremely hard to bring recruitment opportunities to the state, but student-athletes in Arizona need significant more help. Glabman and his efforts are the answer and will help any student-athlete looking to gain maximum college recruitment through his services.

To access Field Level Recruiting and immediately improve your exposure to college coaches through Glabman, please contact Elliott Glbman directly @ or call him directly @ (480) 213-0167. For more information, please click on the link below.

Field Level Recruiting Page

Legendary Arizona basketball coach Elliott Glabman continues to make a major difference in the lives of Arizona's student-athletes - helping under recruited student-athletes gain maximum recruiting exposure through his service offered through Field Level Recruiting. Glabman has more than 1,200 college program contacts in his service, and has been very successful in helping prospects land college basketball opportunities.

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