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by azpreps | Posted on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 introduction:

Carolyn Moos is 6-foot-5, and is  a former member of USA Basketball.  She is a graduate of Stanford University, and also played for FIBA and the WNBA.  She also has a M.A. from USC.  Moos is a Certified Personal Trainer, yoga instructor, nutrition consultant and website designer. 

Moos will be featured here on our Arizona Preps website for student-athletes, parents and fans to hear from on a weekly basis.  Moos will also be featured in future up-coming Arizona Preps' events . . .

(Carolyn Moos) It is great to connect. I would like to discuss the role of nutrition, yoga (which I teach live or by Skype) - so my clients are based anywhere in the world!

I provide youth and elite basketball skill development training as well as strategic cross-training.

I also promote overall healthful lifestyle choices for a vast array of demographics  (not drinking, strategically nutrition and cross-training). 

I specialize in strategic macrjonutrient profiling and glycemic index relative to meal timing / workouts, as linked to glucose use and body composition. This along with planned morning workouts, consistent sleep patterns and not drinking is a formula for health. I have not drank my whole life and plan meals consistently along with morning workouts. 

If you have goals of becoming healthier or more fit, I have the solutions and a program that will work for your needs and get results.  Talk soon! 

Carolyn Moos 

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