Fullcourt Press Diamond in Rough JC & Senior Showcase

by Anthony Ray | Posted on Saturday, April 25th, 2020

The Fullcourt Press Diamond in Rough JC & Senior Showcase will take place on Sunday, May 31st @ Dream City Christian School (Glendale AZ - located @ 21000 North 75th Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85308). This exciting event is much needed and will kick off basketball action again in the state. Amidst the imminent COVID-19 pandemic, there has been no true basketball competition for months, and so the Fullcourt Press event, organized by top-rated West Coast basketball scout and event organizer Dinos Trigonis, is just what the doctor ordered for many of the state's top unsigned senior prospects.

Trigonis is one of the elite basketball minds in the country, and also is a legend of organizing camps and tournaments on the West Coast. His Fullcourt Press Camps/Tournaments have dominated the West Coast since the mid-1990's, in bringing college exposure to it's participants. His annual Pangos All-American Camp has grown to become the top overall camp in the country, filled with the nation's very best prospects. Trigonis has also coached the nation's best talent with his California-based club program, Belmont Shore, which has included such top NBA past players as Baron Davis (Los Angeles Clippers), DeMar DeRozan (San Antonio Spurs) and Brandon Jennings (Milwaukee Bucks).

Trigonis also operates a scouting service that the majority of college coaches in America subscribe to, which makes this weekend's event all the more valuable for any prospects looking to gain maximum exposure late to college coaches around the country. This is a valuable opportunity for Arizona's unsigned seniors and junior college prospects to shine, with an opportunity to land something heading into the summer.

Our Arizona Preps' staff will be in attendance on Sunday, to bring you our complete list of top performers and updates from the event. Here is some more information on Sunday's event . . .

Fullcourt Press Diamond in Rough
JC & Senior Showcase

Sunday May 31, 2020

@ Dream City Christian School (Glendale AZ)
 21000 North 75th Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85308

12:00pm - 5:00pm

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year's annual event was delayed and moved from Cerritos College/CA on March 15th to Sunday May 31st at Dream City Christian School in Glendale AZ.

The updated list of 2020 participants includes (partial list):

Unsigned HS Seniors expected to participate:

*         Jabari Steward                  6’8”     Compton (CA)
*         Jerry Iliya                           6’5”     Paradise Honors (AZ)
*         Tyrelle Hunt                      6’5”     Coronado (Henderson NV)
*         Shemar Morrow                 6’5”     Shadow Mountain (Phoenix AZ)
*         Justin Gladney                6’1”     Fairfax (Los Angeles CA)
*         Justin Williams               6’2”     J Serra (San Juan Capistrano CA)
*         Martel Williams                  6’3”     Silverado (Las Vegas NV)
*         Kai Johnson                      6’4”     Oxnard (CA)
*         Trevon Martin                    6’5”     Silverado (Las Vegas NV)
*         Stacy Johnson                   6’1”     Oxnard (CA)
*         Dylan Cabs                       6’7”    Link Year Prep (MO)
*         London Colemen               6’4”     Silverado (Las Vegas NV)
*         Michael Birket                    6’5”     Crean Lutheran (Irvine CA)
*         Jake Conerty                     6’5”     Mission Viejo (CA)
*         Matt Brookins                    6’6”     Westminster (CA)
*         Manny Sedoh                    6’5”     Sunny Hills (Fullerton CA)
*         John Bakke                       6’7”     El Dorado (Placentia CA)
*         Drew Yezbac                     6’0”     Crean Lutheran (Irvine CA)
*         Ramiah Adedigba              6’2”     Gardena (CA) 
*         Alexander Spaight             6’2”     Canyon Springs (Las Vegas NV)

JC Players/College transfers expected to participate:

*         Mark Boland                      6’5”     So.     East LA (CA)
*         Robert Thompson              6’5”     So.     Tohono O’odham College (AZ)
*         Donovan Reagan               6’6”    So,   Western Texas College (TX)
*         Jok Jok                              6’7”     So.     Mesa College (AZ)
*         Rajhan Billingsley              6’5”     So.     Mesa College (AZ)
*         Elloheim Clark                   6’3”     So.     Phoenix College (AZ)
*         Jalen Williams                   6’4”     Fr.      Scottsdale CC (AZ)
*         Taj Reagans                      5’8”     So.     East LA (CA)
*         Lonnie Langston                5’11”   So.     Tohono O’odham CC (AZ) 
*         Alireza Shafiel                   5’11”   Fr.      NM Military Institute (NM) 
*         Devin Sheehy-Guiseppi      5’11”   So      Mesa JC (AZ)
*         Fred Toins                         6’0”     So.     Tohono O’odham College (AZ)
*         Makael Rainbow                6’1”     So.     South Mountain CC (Phoenix AZ) 
*         Josh Harrison                    6’1”     So.     Cerritos College (CA) 
*         Tyler Curvey                      6’1”     So.     Scottsdale CC (AZ)
*         Nate Patterson                  6’2”     Fr.      Dallas Baptist transfer
*         Kofi Aboage                       6’3”     Fr.      Hawaii Pacific (redshirt transfer)
*         Mohammad Jafari              6’4”     So.     New Mexico JC (NM) 
*         Colton Frugoli                    6’4”     Fr.      Colorado Christian transfer

JC players will play at 12:00pm and 1:00pm.  The unsigned HS seniors will play at 2:00pm, 3:00pm and 4:00pm.  All games will be on one (1) court for easy viewing by college coaches and scouts and be live-streamed by BallerTV.com

College Coaches are welcome to attend the event.   Admission to the event will be $10 and game rosters with player contact info will be provided to attending coaches at NO charge (complimentary).

** All appropriate safety precautions will be taken to ensure the safety and health of all players, coaches, referees, scorekeepers and spectators involved including the mandatory wearing of masks and gloves when necessary, taking the temperature of and screening all those entering the playing facility, sanitizing the playing court area (balls, courts, benches, etc) and seating areas before and after every game as well as other measures as needed to ensure the safety of all involved.

If you have any questions or need more info, please call me at the numbers below.

Dinos Trigonis
Fullcourt Press/Pangos
mobile 562-843-8245
office 562-248-2448



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