Hillcrest Prep Vs AZ Compass Prep Player Breakdown

by Lucas Archuleta | Posted on Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Hillcrest Prep and AZ Compass Prep match-up up on Tuesday evening at Inspire Courts in Gilbert, in what was the most exciting prep school match-up of the season.  The game was filled with spectators, college coaches, scouts and media.

Here is a breakdown of the top performers in the game from both teams by Arizona Preps' scout Lucas Archuleta . . .

Hillcrest Prep  Player Breakdown

Kyree Walker, 2020, 6-5

Kyree had a very efficient and productive game for his team, as he set the tone for his team early in the game. As usual Kyree was aggressive from the opening tip, and got to the rim early - either to score or create offense for his team.  He was very effective off the bounce all game, finishing plays at the rim or demanding extra defenders, so he can kick out to open teammates. He was good in transition and finished transition plays at a high level. Kyree also knocked down a couple perimeter jumpers, which opened up the floor for the rest of the team to attack the paint.  Kyree ran his motor on the glass and competed at a high level defensively all game, showing he can do more than just score the ball.

Devan Cambridge, 2019, 6-5

Devan had a very impressive game offensively for Hillcrest.  Devan is a very explosive athlete, but what he did best this game was using his ability to move and cut off the ball to get open looks. Cambridge has a high IQ and he used that all game to get to spots on the floor where teammates can find him whether it was for an open jump-shot, a back door cut for a layup or for him to create off the bounce. Devan was also very effective in transition where he really shows his athleticism and jumping ability. Devan had a very efficient game offensively, but he also competed on the defensive end and brought good energy on that side of the ball.

Dischon Thomas, 2019, 6-8

Thomas had a very impressive game overall for Hillcrest Prep.  Thomas was very effective offensively, as he can be a match-up nightmare at times.  He scored the ball in a variety of ways, knocking down open jump-shots, attacking off the bounce, scoring on the block or by finishing open looks teammates created for him. Thomas is another high IQ guy for Hillcrest that understands how to move and cut off the ball, as he displayed all game.  Thomas also showed a high motor all game on the offensive glass.  Thomas displayed the ability to pass the ball and find teammates for open looks all game.  On the other side of the ball, Thomas, got  after it defensively and competed at a very high level on both ends of the floor.

Andre Harris, 2020, 6-8

Andre Harris had a good game for Hillcrest in more ways than just scoring the basketball.  Dre was a threat offensively, as he had a couple tough finishes at the rim and he can also mix it up with his versatility and skill-set.  Dre is another guy for Hillcrest who is tough to matchup with, as he can do a variety of things well.  Dre impacted the game most by being a presence in the paint and by competing hard on the glass  defensively, and he brings toughness to his team.  Overall, Dre played a solid game and showed that he has a good feel for the game and is improving as the year moves on.

Dalen Terry, 2020, 6-7

Dalen had a very good game for his team in more ways than just scoring the basketball. Dalen didn’t score the ball like he is accustomed to, but he did a lot of other things well.  We all know Dalen is talented offensively and can really score with his size and versatility, but what he seems to keep displaying in the games where he doesn’t score the ball at a high level, is his ability to impact the game in other areas.  Terry was a floor general all game, as he ran the offense and almost made zero mistakes with the ball all game. Terry did a good job running the show and creating open looks for his teammates.  Terry was also able to get some good looks at the rim and on the perimeter to go.  Terry also showed his intangibles defensively, as he got after it and competed, showing he can be a good defender when using his length.  Terry has shown he can be a leader for his team, which is what is needed out of any team's point guard.

Dayten Holman, 2020, 6-5

Dayten is another guy who didn’t score the ball at a high rate but had an impressive game for his team - effecting the game in other ways.  Dayten is a high IQ point guard, and he showed that being able to create plays for his guys and run the offense for the team as well.  Holman also finished in a variety of ways at the rim in the open court and in the half court.  Holman competed hard on both ends, and very similar to Terry, was able to use his intangibles to have an impact on the game for his team.

AZ Compass Prep Player Breakdown

Jalin Anderson, 6-3, 2020

Jalin had a very impressive overall game for his team. Jalen scored the ball in a variety of ways offensively. He was able to finish at the rim in a variety of ways, knock down mid range jumpers, knock down threes and was very effective in transition as well. Jalin makes his team go with competitive nature and leadership, and this game was no different.  He competed hard on both ends and was also able to make his teammates better using his IQ and ability to make plays off the bounce. Jalin also showed he can be a very good defender on the ball pressuring the ball full court.  Jalin is also a guy who showed he can be a leader for his team and a guy who can provide toughness.

Carlos Ramsey, 2019, 6-4

Carlos had a very impressive game for his team on both ends of the ball. Carlos was very dangerous in transition and attacking the rim all game, as he had multiple dunks and finished in a variety of ways.  Carlos displayed his athleticism and slashing ability, as he played very aggressive all game. Carlos also showed his ability to guard on the defensive end, and was also able to get some steals/deflections, that turned into open floor opportunities the other way.  Carlos played with a good pace and feel all game and really kept his team going offensively when they needed it most.

Ismael Cruz, 2019, 6-3

Ismael is another guy who had a very strong offensive game for AZ Compass.  Ismael did it in a variety of ways offensively.  Ismael is one of the better pure shooters in the country, but he also showed the ability to attack the rim off the bounce for finishes or even finish in transition.  Ismael knocked down multiple threes for his team but he also used his high IQ to cut off the ball in order to get open looks.  Ismael competed hard on both ends and helped bring a competitive nature to his team, along with Jalin and Carlos.  Ismael is another guy who can bring toughness to his team and he brought that all game.

Sadraque Nganga, 2022, 6-9

Sadraque had a very impressive game for his team and showed a lot of improvement in a lot of areas. Sadraque, who is only a freshman, can really impact a game on the offensive end.  He scored the ball in a variety of ways.  He scored off the bounce and finished at the rim, off the catch knocking down jumpers and he was also moving and cutting better then I’ve seen him do all year.  What was most impressive was how aggressive he was overall.  He ran his motor on the offensive glass, and defensively was really getting after it - protecting the rim and rebounding at a high level.  Sadraque is still very young, but this game showed he is improving a lot in his mentality and competitive nature. Overall, he played a really good game on both ends of the floor, as he impacted the game in a variety of ways.

Xavier Dusell, 2020, 6-5

Xavier had a very good game for his team overall on both ends of the floor.  Xavier along with Ismael is a big-time shooter but he can also do a variety of other things. He knocked down perimeter jumpers but was also very effective attacking the rim and creating plays off the bounce for his team. He played with really good pace and also was very effective cutting and moving off the ball in order to get to spots where he can score.  Xavier was effective in transition, where he can use his length and athleticism.  Defensively he got after it all game, and showed he can compete at a high level on the defensive end as well.  Xavier showed his game has grown more confident as the season has progressed.

Chol Marial, 2019, 7-3

Chol didn’t have a great night scoring the basketball in this game, but he impacted the game heavily in other areas.  He had the biggest impact defensively, where he was able to use his length and mobility for his size.  Chol altered a lot of shots on the defensive end - using his long arms and height to contest shots.  Chol also showed how mobile he is defensively guarding on the perimeter.  Chol also heavily impacted the game on the glass, as he pulled in a lot of defensive rebounds for his team. Chol is a talented player who can really score the basketball, but, in this game, his defense, length, mobility and size is what he used to help his team the most.

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