Judy Dixon Holiday Tournament, Some Top Performers

by Anthony Ray | Posted on Friday, December 29th, 2017

Arizona Preps' staff writer Derek James attended the Judy Dixon Holiday Basketball Tournament at Greenway High School this week, and was able to catch several games at the event.  Here are some top performers that stood out for James this week . . .

Emmanuel Taban  6-7  JR  Apollo HS - 2019 Class

While evaluating the Apollo vs Shadow Ridge game, Emmanuel Taban (pictured) was a clear standout for the day. A very long and lanky player, he can put the ball on the ground well enough to blow by his defenders.  He had a go-to-move that works for him. He is a good shooter off the dribble and his go-to-move is a hesitation crossover into a jump shot. A good shooter that plays solid defense. I feel his downside is not having a college-ready body, and he is not super fast, but he is athletic.  He is not really physical and needs to be stronger.  He can also improve on his ball-handling pressure.  He is not a great ball handler, but he can put the ball on the ground.  All the downfalls I named can easily be fixed with the proper training. This kid is an aggressive player with good court awareness. He has potential to be a solid division-I player. 

Paris Woods  6-2  Freshman  Apollo HS - 2021 Class

Woods is a really good young talent. Watching him play, all I see is upside for this kid. As a freshmen he shows good body control, speed and aggressiveness.  He’s good on the open court with the ball.  I haven’t seen him make any three pointers yet.  He’s young so his body is still developing.  He showed signs of a good basketball IQ.  He also showed signs of being a good ball handler and shooter. As he continues to grow he will grow naturally, if he puts in the work. 

Tyrese Eugene  6-0  Senior  Ironwood HS - 2018 Class

A very strong guard who will get after it. Tyrese is probably one of the most physical guards in AZ, and he also has an excellent body type.  He plays really good defense. He uses his body and feet really well to jam up a defender. He has really active hands and continues to get a hand on the ball.  A poised guard who looks to get his team involved at all times. Not looking to be the main guy, but looking to be a team player. He has a decent basketball IQ, and will continue to improve as he grows. Ball handling wise, he can definitely control the ball. He’s not a fancy ball handler at all.  He is more of a getting to his spots type of player. A very good passer. He finds his players at the right time. I can see him being a really good NAIA player impacting a program.

Dhol Majak  6-10  SR  PF/C  Ironwood HS - 2018 Class

This kid impressed me with his footwork and how he moves as a big man.  He’s always the first to try and rebound, then the first back on defense.  He is really good at standing straight up with his hands high without jumping.  He has good footwork as well.  He will be a project for any team he goes to. He’s not an offensive threat at all, but really good at all the little things.  The team played zone against them all game. I didn’t get to see him set any screens. He’s a thin kid, so he will need to get stronger. 

Ajang Aguek  6-7  Senior  PF  Ironwood HS - 2018 Class

Ajang is a multi-faceted player. He is a left-handed utility player that does a little bit of everything.  He has the ability to hit open 3’s and also finish strong around the rim, even with a dunk.  He has a decent basketball IQ, but he doesn’t look to score every time the ball is in his hands, but he has the ability to try and score. he possesses really good footwork and can guard anywhere from the 1 through 4 positions.  Defensively, he can also get his hands on a lot of balls.  I didn’t see him set any strong screens.  I’m sure he’s capable of doing so.  A good looking prospect.


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