Landon Schumaker Makes Case @ Exposure Events

by Anthony Ray | Posted on Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

With much of the basketball action across the country suspended throughout the spring evaluation period, and not much going on due to the growing COVID-19 pandemic, many prospects such as AZ Compass Prep 6-foot-7 rising sophomore forward Landon Schumaker decided to use the opportunity during the month of June to compete against the state's best talent, and prove his value among the 2023 Class in the state. Schumaker is coming off an excellent freshman season for himself, and decided to change schools this spring, now becoming a member of the loaded AZ Compass Prep basketball program.

As a freshman starter for Basha High School last season, Schumaker was a tough match-up for opposing high schools. While in his first varsity high school season, Schumaker poured in very impressive numbers - averaging 9.5 points and 6.1 rebounds per/game, modest numbers for a prospect that was set to raise his numbers substantially over the next (3) high school seasons. But instead of returning to Basha and staking his claim among the elite prospects in Arizona's AIA Division, Schumaker instead decided to pack his bags for AZ Compass Prep, where he will now pick up his sophomore season.

At AZ Compass Prep, Schumaker will look to fit into a loaded lineup of prep prospects in a program that ranks among the nation's elite prep programs. He will look to provide excellent toughness, physicality and work ethic to a program that should benefit from his hard-hat reputation.

Throughout the month of June, Schumaker competed in the Pangos Best of Arizona League against the state's top overall talent, and also played in the Future Elite Summer League. Both events took place weekly, so Schumaker competed up to (4) nights a week in the two events. In today's world of basketball prospects that enjoy a sense of entitlement, Schumaker is very much a throwback prospect that competes hard at all times, and absolutely loves the game. Now a days, it is hard to get top-rated prospects to even show up, let alone play in multiple events that require an entry fee. Schumaker proved his commitment to the game and to his future prospects in the sport to me and our Arizona Preps' staff, through his throwback mentality of playing as much basketball as was afforded to him.

Currently Schumaker is just beginning to scratch the surface in his development as a player, and so his college recruitment is starting to take shape. While he does not yet currently possess a Division-I offer for himself, he is definitely on the horizon of pushing for future recruitment.

Schumaker is definitely one prospect to keep a close eye on for the future, as he picks up his sophomore season for the AZ Compass program.

Arizona Hoop Review Scouting Report: Schumaker is a throwback performer, a hard-hat rebounder and tough inside performer that does not mind physical contact, in fact he relishes it and looks for contact. A true post player that plays big. Uses his body to get excellent low-post position and finish strong around the basket. Goes toward the rim. Has very good low-post footwork. Has a solid jump-hook and is a good mid-range shooter that is capable of stepping outside to the perimeter and making shots from three-point distance, but he still needs to add more con sistency from longer ranges to maximize his potential as a player. Not overly vertical in his athleticism, but uses his physicality to gain an advantage on his opposition. A strong finisher around the basket. Runs the floor well. Pushes and advances the basketball up the floor to the open man. Has a great attitude on and off the floor and is an excellent teammate. Has a bright future on and off the basketball court and is a fine young man.


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