Mobley Brothers: Too Big & Too Skilled

by Tye Jacobs | Posted on Sunday, November 11th, 2018

According to The Webster’s Dictionary, a unicorn is described as a mythical creature.  In basketball, a unicorn is described as a very rare athlete who has the combination of tremendous size and skill.  What if I told you Rancho Christian High school's basketball team has two of these mystical creatures and, ironically, they are brothers?  The annual HoopHall West brought out a lot of talent, but none more special than the 5-star duo of Isaiah and Evan Mobley.  Although these brothers stand in almost identical height, their games differ.

2019 Class 5-star recruit Isaiah Mobley (USC signee) is a highly skilled post player.  Measuring in at 6-foot-9 and weighing 220 pounds, Isaiah packs on a bit more weight than his younger brother and tends to bully opposition in the post.  He plays with a mean streak to the point of mean-mugging defenders after putting them on posters. Even with his great size he shows the ability to knock down jumpers and create for others at will.

2020 Class prospect Evan Mobley is an absolute matchup nightmare.  Towering in at 6-foot-11 and weighing 200 pounds, Evan is a terror on both sides of the ball.  His length constantly bothers anyone trying to penetrate the lane.  Offensively, his motor and ability to run the floor gets him easy dunks.  Evan’s perimeter skill-set is a glaring mismatch for bigs on the high school level, and this is nightmarish because of his length.

The duo's almost telepathic communication was seemingly too much to handle on Saturday evening for Nico Mannion (University of Arizona signee) and the hometown Pinnacle Pioneers. The Mobley Brothers’ chemistry was constantly on display, as they continuously ran what seemed to be an unfair high-low action for easy buckets. The most impressive thing about their performance was their ability to run a big-on-big pick and roll offensive, which showcased just how skilled the brothers are.

Overall, it was a joy to look into the crystal ball and see just what the future may hold for these two elite big men.  Being blessed with size is a gift from God, however, being skilled and showing ability to stretch the floor is something the big men hailing from the U.S. are borrowing from the European game.

I look forward to seeing the mark these brothers may be able to leave on the game of basketball.

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