PHH Exposure Camp Top Performers

by Tye Jacobs | Posted on Sunday, May 10th, 2020

In the first event to take place post-COVID lockdown at The PHHACILITY, tons of prospects came out for a chance to compete in the PHH Exposure Camp. Organized by West Coast scout Gerry Freitas, here are some of the top prospects from the event, as seen by Arizona Preps' scout Tye Jacobs . . .

Jayden Morris, 5"9' 2022. PG, Capital Chrisitan (CA) - A good looking guard prospect who is very creative with the ball in his hands. He is capable of scoring from deep and can finish with floaters in the lane. He is a prospect to keep a eye on, as he continues to mature. 

Malachi Murrell, 6"3' 2022, W, Shadow Hills (CA) - Malachi is a really athletic kid with long arms and a high motor. He does a tremendous job on the boards, and has a really quick second jump that he uses to grab offensive boards. Malachi is keen on using the lost art of the pump fake. Constantly, he got defenders off their feet to get to his mid-range jumper.

Derrick Kaps, 6"1' 2021, PG, Highland - Derrick is an ideal point guard prospect. Has great handle and footwork that allows him to create space. He is able to score at the rim with either hand, he creates for teammates, and is a knockdown shooter. He is a sleeper prospect in the valley.

Kiran Oliver, 6"4' 2021, SG, PHH Prep - Most likely the most athletic player attending the camp. Kiran has improved other areas of his game. Kiran has improved on his jump shot, showing the ability to knock down pull-up jumpers at a high clip. He has also improved his decision making with the ball, showing he can create for others. Kiran is one of the hottest prospects in the West, and with these improvements the sky is the limit.

Jason Kimbrough, 6"1' 2021, PG, Mountain Pointe - Jason (pictured) is a great scorer with great footwork. He has the ability and craftiness to score on all three levels. He constantly puts pressure on the defense, and, as a jump shooter, he is a threat as soon as he crosses the halfcourt. Defensively, he has quick hands and feet, and forces opposing guards into difficult plays.

Dominic Capriotti 6"4' 2022, SG, PHH Prep - Dominic has elite shooting ability. He has a very quick release and can knock down jumpers off the catch or off the dribble.

Ricardo Sarmiento 6"0' 2021, PG, PHH Prep - Ricardo is a guard with a very high IQ. He has a very reliable jump shot and sees plays before they happen. Ricardo plays with a ton of heart and makes players around him much better.

Jake TenBerge 6"6' 2021, SF, PPH Prep - Jake is a long, athletic guard who can score from the three. He showcases good athleticism when going to the rim and is a strong rebounder. 

Andrew King 6"2' 2022. Combo Guard, PPH Prep - A smooth wing prospect who has a sweet stroke from the perimeter. Can guard the one or two positions. Has enough strength and athleticism to finish when going to the paint.

Devon Arlington 6"3' 2022, PG, San Marcos -  A guard with great size who plays with good pace. Can create for himself or others off the bounce. Is a good pull-up shooter and can get to his spots fairly easily. In transition, he is crafty and seems to always create space for himself to finish.

Ty Ty Washinton 6"4' 2021, PG, AZ Compass Prep - The game has slowed down to a snails pace for Ty Ty. He is starting to separate himself from other prospects with how easy he makes the game look. The reason behind this is his jump shot. He has extended his range way beyond the three point line, which keeps defenders on their heels at all times when he has the ball. He is one of the hottest prospects in the nation, and for good reason.

Tru Washington 6"4' 2023, SG, Mountain Pointe - Tru keeps showing his athleticism and defensive versatility. He is a flat-out finisher in transition, and in the half-court, he is a capable shot maker.

Nathan Calmese 6"2' 2022, PG, Mesquite - Nathan is a silky smooth guard who thrives with the ball in his hands. He has increasing athleticism, which allows him to finish in traffic. He is a crafty passer who makes players around him better.


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