Section 7 Kicks Off This Weekend, Top Prospects

by Anthony Ray | Posted on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

This is a very exciting weekend coming up, as the Section 7 event will kick off in Glendale, Arizona - allowing for NCAA Division-I college coaches to attend the first NCAA Evaluation event of 2021. This weekend will be the first time in more than a year and a half, that NCAA member college programs will be permitted to attend an event, and the first weekend of the new NCAA Evaluation Period for 2021. It is a very exciting time for college coaches and also the participants for the first weekend of the Section 7 event, which will be, for the first time, played at the State Farm Stadium June 18-20th - making for an amazing venue and experience for all those involved. There will be over (190) different teams from (9) different states (Western United States) expected to participate this weekend.

The first annual Section 7 event was a terrific success, as many college coaches have advised me that it was the best event that they attended that year (2019). The only issue with that experience was that the games were spread out somewhat - making for a lot of driving. While most of the more anticipated games were held at Brophy Prep and Central High School, there were many different venues that held basketball games (second week of the event will be held @ Brophy Prep HS - June 25 - 27th). This weekend's event will take basketball exposure events to a new and higher level as all of the games will be under one major roof at the prestigious State Farm Stadium, where the Arizona Cardinals play - making for a unique and quality experience for all those involved. The venue will be like nothing ever seen before, with a very professional setting, complete organization and a hospitality area for coaches that will be amazing, based on what Position Sports has put out on their website and press releases. Our Arizona Preps' staff is very excited to attend this weekend's event, as a large number of people will be as well.

This weekend will be electric, as more than (400) Division-I college coaches will venture to the valley to begin evaluating basketball talent, once again. After an almost (2) year layoff from visually observing talent, college coaches will begin to start seeing prospects that they have only spoken about or viewed online for some time. I have personally covered numerous events over the past year, none of them with many college coaches in attendance. I am excited to see the room filled with college coaches once again. The time has come again for evaluating top-rated basketball talent in person, and it will begin with this weekend's Section 7 event.

Here are some of the top overall Arizona boys prospects to watch out for this weekend, as there will be boys and girls varsity teams competing this weekend . . .

Top 2022 Class Boys Prospects - Section 7 Event

Dylan Anderson6-11CenterPerry High School
Elijah Saunders6-8ForwardSunnyslope HIgh School
Garrison Phelps6-6ForwardSt. Mary's High School
Oakland Fort5-11Point GuardSunnyslope HIgh School
Nathan Calmese6-3Point GuardMesquite High School
Jeremiah "Bear" Cherry6-10CenterSt. Mary's High School
Foune Doucoure6-7Power ForwardSt. Mary's High School
Patrick Chew6-3Shooting GuardBrophy Prep
Andrew King6-3Shooting GuardDesert Vista High School
Michael Saba6-8Small ForwardChaparral High School
Michael Dienes6-7ForwardRancho Solano Prep
Jason Parent6-5Guard/ForwardPrescott High School
Ringo Aguek6-6Small ForwardIronwood High School
Terrance Dixon6-7Power ForwardDesert Vista High School
Raedon Thorson6-1Point GuardQueen Creek High School
Carson Ledbetter6-6Power ForwardCasteel High School
Blessing Nwotite6-2Combo-GuardParadise Honors High School
AJ Riggs6-1Shooting GuardGilbert Highland High School
Dylan Hadley6-0Point GuardCatalina Foothills High School

Top 2023 Class Boys Prospects - Section 7 Event

Jason Fontenet6-4Combo GuardSt. Mary's HS
Cody Williams6-7Small ForwardPerry High School
Chuck Bailey6-3Shooting GuardHigley High School
Roosevelt "Tru" Washington6-4Shooting GuardMountain Pointe High School
Noah Amenhauser7-0CenterEstrella Foothills High School
Arman Amadi6-6Small ForwardBrophy Prep High School
Isaac Hymes6-8Small ForwardMillennium High School
Seydou Tamboura6-7Small ForwardSt. Mary's HS
Lashy Perez6-1Point GuardApollo High School
Mark Brown6-0Point GuardMountain Pointe High School
Andrew Camacho6-0Point GuardPeoria High School
Armari Carraway5-10Point GuardPueblo High School
Nate Parras6-6Small ForwardArcadia High School
Ben Egbo6-3Shooting GuardPerry High School
Emery Young6-4Shooting GuardCentennial High School
Brigg Wolfe6-3Shooting GuardMesa Mountain View High School
KJ Perry6-4Shooting GuardGilbert High School
Andy Mora5-11Combo GuardTri-Cty Christian High School
Paul Oscislawski6-3Shooting GuardChaparral High School
Jason Ernest6-3Shooting GuardBuckeye High School
Adonis Thomas6-3Shooting GuardIronwood High School
Julius Williams6-4Shooting GuardIronwood High School
Max Lightfoot6-5Power ForwardGilbert Christian High School
Cordarius Gandy6-2Shooting GuardIronwood High School

Top 2024 Class Boys Prospects - Section 7 Event

Jai Anthoni Bearden6-6Small ForwardRaymond Kellis High School
Styles Phipps6-1Point GuardSt. Mary's High School
Bradey Henige6-10CenterCactus High School
Anthony Batson Jr.6-3Shooting GuardNotre Dame Prep
Rowan McKenzie6-3Shooting GuardBradshaw Mountain High School
Gabe Pickens6-0Point GuardMillennium High School
Keon Talgo6-3Shooting GuardGilbert Christian High School
Christian HollyMillennium High School
Ezias Steffen6-3Shooting GuardChandler High School
Anthony Seumanu6-2Shooting GuardMarcos De Niza High School
Kaden Garber5-10Point GuardHorizon Honors High School
Donovan Beard5-11Point GuardDobson High School
Treyvion Curry6-0Point GuardMillennium High School
TyQuan Solomon5-9Point GuardCesar Chavez High School
EJ Mills5-9Point GuardParadise Honors High School
Jason Kooima6-1Combo-GuardWilliams Field High School

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