Southwest All-American Camp Top 40 All-Stars

by Anthony Ray | Posted on Thursday, June 14th, 2018

The Southwest All-American Camp took place this past weekend @ Cortez High School.  It was a very exciting event, loaded with a lot of the state's top basketball talent.  Here are the Top 40 All-Star selections from this past weekend's event . . .

Southwest All-American Camp Top 40 All-Stars

2019 6-0 CG CJ Nnorom (Cactus Shadows)

2019 5-10 PG Khalid Price (Mountain Pointe)

Jhett Wade  6-0  SR  PG  Westview High School - 2018

2021 6-10 C Matur Dhal (Paradise Honors)

Brandon Savage  6-7  JR  Deer Valley HS - 2019

Jeffrey Thomas III  5-9  JR  PG  Palo Verde HS - 2019

2021 6-9 C Carter Van Hammond (Perry)

2021 6-4 SG Dimitrios Stragalinos (Hillcrest)

2019 6-10 PF John Olmsted (Morenci)

2019 6-5 W Sam Goulet (Cactus Shadows)

2019 6-7 PF Mamane Yaou (Tri-CIty)

2021 6-0 PG Zay Freeney (South Mountain)

2019 6-4 SG Zach Hobbs (Mesa)

2019 6-7 SF Stephan Gabriel (Hillcrest)

2019 5-10 PG Kaleb Brown (Peoria)

2020 6-3 CG Jeron Artest (Hillcrest)

2019 6-10 C Lucas Elliott (Pusch Ridge)

2020 6-1 CG Trey Donaldson (Gilbert Christian)

2018 6-1 PG John Norsworthy III (Mountain Pointe)

2019 6-6 W DJ Hawkins (AZ Compass Prep)

2019 6-4 SF Josh Hawkins (Paradise Honors)

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