SWAA Camp Top 2020, 2021 Sleeper Prospects

by Anthony Ray | Posted on Friday, July 14th, 2017

The Southwest All-American Camp took place recently on the campus of the Salvation Army's Kroc Center, and did not disappoint - creating an amazing atmosphere for some of the top prospects in the Southwest to showcase their skills in front of a nice crowd of scouts and media in attendance.

The event was absolutely loaded with talented prospects for the future and many lesser known prospects made a name for themselves at this year's event.  As a result of this year's event, each prospect had an opportunity to gain maximum exposure to college coaches through the many quality scouts and media that was in attendance for this year's event.

Here are the top 2020 & 2021 sleeper prospects from this event that helped themselves the most, heading into this month's busy July evaluation period, and also for the future . . .

Xavier Dusell  6-4  SOPH  PG/SG  Mesquite HS

Dusell is a special talent, possessing excellent size and versatility as a player.  Dusell is capable of playing several perimeter positions on the floor, while having a strong handle of the basketball and a nice perimeter shooting stroke with range.  He is able to make plays for himself or others off the dribble, and is a sure-fire mis-match for opposing defenders - able to score inside and out.  As he continues to mature physically, I look for Dusell to be able to post up more, which will make it even more difficult for smaller defenders to guard him.  Currently, he likes to score from the perimeter, where he is much more comfortable at this stage in his young career.  A big-time prospect for the future.  Currently has an offer from the University of Montana.

Hunter Ruck  6-7  SOPH  PF  Rancho Solano Prep

Ruck (pictured) is a young, skilled post talent with a bright future ahead of him. One of the best young talents in the state, Ruck is a long and tall prospect that we do not often see in the state, especially at such a young age. Ruck's combination of size, length and an ability to score inside and out is very attractive, and will suit him very nicely with college coaches in the future. He is an effective low-post scorer, capable of scoring with either hand in the paint, and also can step outside and shoot the basketball with a soft touch. Ruck runs the floor well and is a good finisher, that should only continue to get better over time. As he matures physically and adds physical strength to his frame over time, this young man should become a serious recruiting target for many college programs in the country.  A serious college prospect for the future.

Anthony Garza  6-5  SOPH  SF  Shadow Ridge HS

Garza is a long, athletic wing prospect that is able to play both forward positions on the floor as a result of his serious length and rangy body.  He is very skilled and should blossom over time as he continues to gain physical maturity and strength.  He plays much bigger than his size suggests.  An active rebounder and shotblocker that keeps balls in play.  Gets a lot done and is very productive.  A good shooter with range on his shot.  A good low-post player with excellent footwork.  A solid ball handler and passer.  Has excellent upside and a bright future ahead of him.

Dalen Terry  6-4  SOPH  SG  Corona del Sol HS

Terry is a long, rangy prospect with huge upside and a bright future ahead of him.  He has excellent length of body which allows him to make plays, but he will need to get much stronger over time and fill out to maximize his potential as a player.  A very good slasher and finisher at this point in his young career.  Has a nice shooting stroke with range.  Has good overall versatility as a player, and a good overall feel for the game.   An active defender that could become a lock-down defender over time.  Plays passing lanes.  Runs the floor well.  Has serious upside for the future.

Kendyl Watson  6-6  SOPH  SF  Paradise Valley HS

Watson is a versatile wing prospect, much like his older brother Paul Watson, and has long arms and broad shoulders, also just like his older brother. He is a skilled wing prospect with a good mid-range game at this point in his young career, and still needs to become more consistent from longer ranges. He is able to score inside and out, but likes to gravitate toward the perimeter. He is a solid ball handler and passer, but needs to get physically stronger to develop in both areas. A good rebounder that keeps the ball up high on rebounds, but needs to become more active on the glass to maximize his potential, and also play with a better motor. A solid defender.  Currently has an offer from Fresno State.

Top 2021 Sleeper Prospects

Anthony Swift  6-5  FR  SF  Durango HS (NV)

Swift is a nice athletic talent with an advanced overall skillset, similar to a young Jason Tatum (NBA).  He has excellent versatility as a player and can score inside and out, while handling the ball and making plays off the dribble.  He is a good shooter with range on his shot, and has a nice mid-range game as well.  A very good athlete that will become much more athletic over time as he gets physically stronger and matures.  A good ball handler and passer that sees the floor.  A solid rebounder.  A solid defender.  Has a bright future ahead of him.

Tyrone Washington  6-0  FR  PG  Cesar Chavez HS

Washington is a skilled guard prospect with a nice overall feel for the game and a nice shooting stroke with range.  He has a quick release on his shot and is also able to create off the dribble for himself and others quite well.  A very good ball handler and passer that sees the floor, and makes players around him better.  A good on-the-ball defender.  Pushes the ball up the floor.  A very good incoming freshman prospect.

Ricardo Sarmiento  5-10  FR  PG  Cesar Chavez HS

A very skilled and crafty flor general that scores in bunches and creates plays for himself and others off the dribble.  A high-energy point man that pushes the ball up the floor and competes at a high level.  A very good shooter with range and excellent consistency on his shot.  A very good ball handler and passer.  A good penetrator and finisher in the lane.  A good on-the-ball defender.  One of the best incoming freshmen in the state.

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