Tribal Athletics West Coast Desert Individual Showcase Top Boys Performers – Part II

by Tye Jacobs | Posted on Monday, March 29th, 2021

In a wonderful event put on by Tribal Nations Recruiting, over (100) Native-born players received the chance to display their skills in a one-of-a-kind event. Below are some of the top players who participated:

Andrew Oscar Rodriquez, 2021, 6 ft 3, Forward

  • Andrew showcased the ability to be a great glue-guy on the next level. He was very patient offensively and scored at a high level, while in the paint - using his footwork and strength. Also, because of his strength, he is able to guard post players much taller than him.

Andrew Yeahquo, 2021, 6 ft 8, F/C

  • Yeahquo has great length and size. He is capable of scoring from the low block and stretching the floor from the perimeter. He has really great hands and shows athleticism when running the floor and finishing in transition.

Anthony Seumanu, 2024, 6 ft 2, Forward

  • Anthony has great size and strength. He mixes that with a high motor that allows him to excel on both ends of the court. He specializes in grabbing rebounds and having the skill to push the ball in transition. He is a match-up nightmare, as he is too big for guards and too quick for bigs.

Brady Ramon, 2021, 6 ft, Combo Guard

  • Brady is a natural scorer. He can score from all three levels and does so efficiently. He excels shooting off the dribble or of the catch. When attacking the rim, he is extremely craft and uses his skill to finish over taller defenders.

Bryant Wells, 2024, 6 ft 4, PG

  • Bryant is a great looking prospect. He has great length and size for his position. He is at his best with the ball in his hands making plays for himself and his teammates. Athletically, he excels in transition and has the jumping ability to change players shot at the rim. He is a kid to watch for in the future.

Logan Logg, 2021, 5 ft 11, Combo Guard

  • Logan was one of the best shooters at camp. He is excellent in catch and shoot situations where he has an extremely quick jump shot with tons of arc that helps him shoot over much bigger defenders. He also plays with tons of heart defensively and always seems to be around the ball.

Vidale C’Bearing III, 2022, 6 ft2, SG

  • Vidale is a good-looking offensive prospect. He can create his own shot thanks to his craftiness with the ball in his hands. He has enough athleticism and strength to finish in traffic and hold off defenders.

Preston Olney, 2021, 5 ft 10, PG

  • Preston is a guard who is exceptionally quick. He is an absolute blur with the ball in his hands and constantly gets into the lane thanks to his ball handling ability. When getting into the lane he is able to score with his creativity and when defenders try to back off of him, he has the ability to knock down long range shots.

Tyrell Young, 2021, 6 ft 1, PG

  • Tyrell has the speed and quickness to score coast to coast at will. He finishes strong in the paint and gets to the line at a high rate.

Eric Grinnel Jr, 2024, 5 ft 8, PG

  • Eric has a great looking jump shot and shows the ability to create for others and himself off the dribble. With his ability he can score in bunches. He is a tough matchup.

Kelby Real Bird, 2023, 6 ft 3, Forward

  • Kelby has great athleticism and skills. His athleticism is shown mostly in transition where he can score over the competition. From the arc he can knock down shots off the dribble or spotting up. He’s at his best when attacking the rim.

Khari Dunn Jr, 2021, 6 ft 6, Forward

  • Khari was one of the best players in attendance. He has great size and skill that transitions to a very smooth game. He has the ability to stretch the floor, an extremely quick first step and strength to finish at the rim. He has an extremely quick second jump which leads to tons of offensive rebounds.

Caleb Cole, 2023, 6 ft 6, PF

  • Caleb Cole is a monster in the paint. He has good hand and footwork in the post and is much stronger than most kids his age. Athletically he can finish over defenders and had a few big dunks in the post. He is a kid to keep an eye on.

Jaco Begay, 2021, 5 ft 10, Combo Guard

  • Jacob is a great scorer who is extremely craft with the ball in his hands. He does a great job at creating his own shot and can score amongst the trees when attacking the rim.

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