West Coast Elite All-Star Camp Day One Top Performers

by Tye Jacobs | Posted on Monday, July 8th, 2019

The West Coast Elite has built the prestige of being one of the best AAU programs in the nation, let alone the West Coast. It has produced tons of different Division-I recruits, as well as Division-I coaches. Led by the great Ryan Silver, the West Coast Elite is a force to be reckoned with, which means anytime they’re in town their events are going to bring in top talent.

After day one of their Elite Camp, these are the prospects that stood out during my evaluations . . .

Matur Dhal 6-10 2021 PHH Prep

Matur is beginning to blossom into a can’t miss prospect. When scouting a young big, you want to continuously see improvement, in which Dhal has shown each and everty time he is given the opportunity to play. Matur’s athletic ability is what is beginning to set him apart from other athletes, as he can rip rebounds and push the ball in transition. Seems to be gaining more strength in his lower body, which allows him to stand his ground in the post.

Bear Cherry 6-8 2022 St. Mary's HS

Bear is blessed with tremendous size and skill for his age. He’s shown the ability to do a bit of everything, from knocking down long-range shots, to outrunning other bigs for easy dunks. What sets Bear apart from others is his great hands. He is going to be a kid to watch closely, as he is new to the Valley.

Garrison Phelps 6-4 2022 St. Mary's HS

Garrison (pictured) has good length and athleticism, which he uses to cause havoc on the defensive end. He has the ability to guard multiple positions and plays way above his size. On the offensive end, Garrison uses his quick first step to get to the lane, where he can finish over the top or with creativity.

Darrel Belcher 6-4 2020 Mountain Pointe HS

Darrel is a strong lead guard who thrives in transition and constantly makes good decisions. Darrel plays with tremendous strength and can overpower smaller guards when going to the hoop, or use his strength to finish amongst the trees. As a new kid in the Valley, he’s another to keep an eye on. A 2019 prospect that was not an academic qualifier.

Josh Deakyne 6-0 2022 Heritage Maricopa HS

Josh played with great feel and proved to be a knock-down shooter. Josh has a good handle and can make plays for his teammates. What stood out most is Josh is a tough shot maker, and can create for himself with an array of step back moves.

Ky Green 6-5 2023 Dream City Christian Prep

Ky has all the makings of a future elite prospect. The youngest brother of the Green family, and the younger brother of Josh Green (University of Arizona). He has great athleticism and strength for his age and uses it to his advantage. He overpowers smaller defenders and blows past bigger guys.  It will be intriguing to see how Ky will compare to his older brother as a prospect, over time.

Cody Williams 6-2 2023 Perry HS

Cody has great length for the guard position and makes all the right decisions with the ball in his hands. He thrives in pick-and-roll situations and punishes defenders for going under the screen.  With his slight frame, he has no fear in taking the ball to the cup.

Justice Marmara 6-0 2020 Millennium HS

Justice is a smooth scorer who can score off the catch or beat you off the dribble. His pull-up jump-shot separates him from other athletes, as it seems he can get it off at any time. Hailing from Texas, it is nice to see him against the competition in the Valley.


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